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Day of Celebration at the Edith Stein Centre (North Barn), Aylesford Priory

Edith Stein, or Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross as you might know her, devoted her whole life to the search for truth.

Born on the Feast of St Wilfred, 12 October 1891, in the then German town of Breslau, now Wroclaw in Poland, Edith Stein was a German Jew who was known as a major contemporary philosopher. She converted to Catholicism and, as a Discalced Carmelite nun, ascended to Mount Carmel to the crystal peaks of mysticism.

It was through her experience of Carmel that all her thoughts on the value of the human person came into harmony and empathy with God.


This summer, in July, you are invited to experience Carmel and the teachings of this great saint through a series of events that will be hosted at the Aylesford Carmelite Priory in Kent. These unique gatherings will reflect on the importance and dignity of the human person and introduce new areas of study and stories, including issues surrounding disability.

Organised by Cristina Gangemi, a highly experienced disability adviser who is Director of the Kairos Forum, in partnership with the Archdiocese of Southwark and the Carmelite order, this is a unique opportunity to get to know Edith Stein on English soil.

2 July 2023 Day of Celebration at the Edith Stein Centre (North Barn), Aylesford Priory Creative liturgy and shared pilgrimage day

This free-of-charge event will be a celebration of creative people who experience disability and who will tell Edith Stein’s story. Building on the incredible value that Edith Stein gave to all people, you are invited to spend time as a parish group, or individual in reflection, fun and creative prayer.

This day of Celebration would be a perfect moment for a parish pilgrimage, discovering the gifts of symbolic catechesis and Liturgy.

The day starts at 12pm noon and ends at 4pm with Mass led by people who experience disability.

Please make sure that everybody is invited, especially people who experience disability in any way.

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