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Priest Training Fund Second Collection 29/30 th April

The priesthood has always been essential to the life of the Church, from the time of Jesus until

today. Good Shepherd Sunday is the day we pray for vocations, for our priests, and take up the

Priest Training Fund second collection. This fund pays for the formation of men to become priests in

our Archdiocese.

After their ordination, our priests dedicate their lives to serving Christ and His people in our parishes, hospitals, schools, chaplaincies, prisons and in service to the needy, throughout South London, Kent and Surrey. We are blessed to have 3 men in formation to the Priesthood for our Archdiocese.

However, it costs £30,000 a year to sponsor each seminarian. They study for 6 years before being

ordained a Catholic priest. We therefore rely on your generous support and prayers. Please support our priests of the future with a gift today.

Thank you!

 Donate Online:

 Or Scan QR Code using telephone camera - below

 Telephone weekdays 9 am – 5 pm: 020 7960 2504

 Cash / Cheque – please use the Priest Training Fund envelopes at

the back of church.

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