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Caritas in Southwark

Caritas is an interntional orgaisation whose member organisations link together in a confederation to serve the world’s poor, vulnerable, dispossessed and marginalized. Caritas is inspired by Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching and by the experiences and hopes of people who are disadvantaged and living in poverty. Several dioceses in the UK already have local Caritas groups, under the umberella of the Bishops Conference. You can find out more here.

Archbishop John Wilson called us to action to realise his vision of forming a Southwark branch of Caritas when he said: In such challenging times, it is important that we strengthen and enhance our approach to charitable outreach rooted in our faith in Christ, one which builds on the excellent work already taking place and provides encouragement and support for new initiatives. This is about facilitation and collaboration, building up the ‘communion of charity’ through a more considered identity whereby our Archdiocese can both further and recognise putting faith into action. With all this in mind, our Archdiocese will inaugurate CARITAS Southwark in Lent 2023. Canon Victor Darlington Episcopal Vicar to the South East , asked to oversee the process, invited us all to a meeting in Amigo Hall on Sat. 5th November to discover how our parishishes throught the whole diocese meet the needs of our local areas, and the types of social assistance offered freely to people in need as we demonstrate our love of neighbour.

You will find a more detailed report on the 5th November gathering here.

Following this formation meeting Canon Victor held an online meeting with 10 'Caritas Southwark Ambassadors' to ask us to reflect on how we can build on existing works of charity in our parishes reaching out further within our parish and local community and to consider what structures; personnel; finance; policy and procedures would centrally be required to run projects specifically for: young people and knife crime; food banks and financial difficulty; support and care of elderly parishioners and the support and welcome for migrant refugees.

This more detailed feedback is asked for by Canon Victor by next Thursday 1st December on the specific identified areas of need in the Archdiocese of Southwark. Another online meeting will be held on 8th December following the amalgamation of feedback.

If you would like to join the discussions please contact Ali Ryan from our parish who is a Caritas Southwark Ambassador via phaws4u@gmail.comMore to follow

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