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Accessible Toilets Update 4

When we last updated you, the internal cubicle partitions were in underway and whilst progress has been made since then, further unavoidable delays have been encountered. However, since then the contractors have completed the wall panelling along with the internal heating, water, drainage and electrical wiring.

As part of this phase, the opening from the chapel to the new toilets was knocked through.

Once this was completed a screed floor was laid and the tiling commenced.

This was completed some weeks ago but then other delays were encountered. Unusually, despite it being summer, the concrete slab was stubbornly slow in fully drying to a sufficiently low moisture level of less than 75% even up to last week to allow the vinyl floor to be laid.

In view of this, it was decided in consultation with the flooring specialists and architect to lay a waterproof membrane layer throughout the extension to enable work to continue. This was completed on Wednesday and in this photo, you can also see that light fittings have been installed and the skylights in the roof.

And on Thursday the level floor compound was spread to provide the perfect base for the vinyl which is being laid on Friday 15th September

Once the vinyl is completed plumbers will be on site to install the toilets, wash hand basins etc and they will be followed by carpenters to complete the door frames and doors, skirting etc. Decoration and finishes will complete the basic build.

The final internal work will be the installation of the specialist sliding door electronic mechanism and the hoist in the disabled toilet cubicle.

The windows which are being specially constructed required some corrective brickwork on the window arches to be completed prior to final measurements. That has all been completed but the windows and specialist stained glass will not be completed for some weeks yet.

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