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Accessible Toilets Update 3

Progress on the toilet building has continued since the last update at a steady pace, albeit with some delays for brick delivery, wet weather, Easter break and funerals. However, here are some photos showing the stages completed up to this weekend.

The foundation brickwork and initial brick courses were laid in a few hours with 6 bricklayers and helpers on site. Blockwork inside the toilets was completed undertaken in parallel.

The brickwork was completed, including the quite difficult task or replicating the existing church arched window design.

The next stage was the construction of the roof rafters and insulation ready for the tiles. Openings were built into the roof structure for the installation of 4 rooflights in the toilets

There was then a short delay waiting for the roof tiles delivery but work did not stop, with hardcore infill and levelling being finalised inside the building.

This hardcore was then covered with binding sand, the concrete slab, thermal insulation and then a screed. This allowed the internal partitions to be commenced.

While the internal work was underway, the laying of the roof tiles continued and is almost completed.

Work is now underway on electrical wiring to allow the insulation and plasterboard to be fixed on the walls and ceiling over the next few days. Plumbing work, plastering, doors, tiling, flooring and decoration are all scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

These finishing stages will need workmen access through the church via the door that leads to the Upper Room. This will involve some disruption in the church layout for a couple of weeks but we will keep you advised of the impact when necessary.

We are waiting for the bespoke window frames to be constructed – to match the existing design in the church – along with the square stained glass leaded lights. These are both on long lead times.

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